Bilder For Websites

Most webmasters are looking for good organic search results on certain keywords, totally ignoring organic search engine results for images. Many people search images on Google but the traffic brought from images can also have a good influence on your website. In this article we will analyze the importance of using quality images on a website and how to optimize them for better positioning in search engines in order to have real benefits from them.

Images serve three important things on a site/blog.

First, divide the text, giving the article a pleasant and airy design. People who browse the web are attracted by images, by articles with images. A long article which contains only text is much harder to read. Many visitors who come across an article consisting only text and no spaces or pictures, prefer not to read it. The second advantage is based on general design of the page. A good combination of quality images, web design and content, make the page looks beautiful. A poor quality image instead shows lack of professionalism and can even damage the website. The third advantage is based on search engine optimization of the image. For example if I write an article about corporate web design, with a better optimization of the images presented on the website, considering the ALT attribute, the image title and image size, there is a strong possibility that when someone searches on Google to find images related to corporate web design to find our images and eventually to be attracted to read our article. you can try this out

How we optimize an image?

Since we have the image on our PC, it should be renamed. Search engines cannot understand what the picture represents if we do not say. Our interest is to name the picture for SEO purposes but for visitor’s purposes too. We should avoid uploading images that have names like “IMG123.jpg”, because an imaged named like this is not descriptive at all. In our case where we have an article about web design topic, we rename the images as “corporate-website-design” or according to the keywords we want to optimize for. Labeling images with ALT attribute is, I think, a more important thing than their renaming. We must use the ALT attribute and Title to describe the image but keeping in mind those keywords that we are targeting. Title should be different from Alt, but meaning almost the same thing. For our example where we have an article about Corporate web design we can set the ALT like “Corporate web design for your business” and Title like “Corporate identity Image”. On title or ALT attribute we do not have to use hyphens or dashes, space is enough. It is important to maintain a short and descriptive name for the image and to not exceed with keywords. Another important factor for a good image optimization of an image for search engines is the position of the image in article. For an image to have a top position in search engine results, it must be surrounded by text. An image that appears in the center of the article, having completed all the tasks listed above, will have a much better SERP’s result than a picture situated at the beginning of the article.