Kickboxing sydney- An Overview

OK then – You finally decide that you want to learn how to box, so you check out some prices on the internet and buy yourself a punch bag and a pair of boxing gloves.

They eventually arrive, you’ve put on your shiny new boxing gloves and you’re now staring at a brand new heavy bag that you’re ready to try and beat into submission. But before you just stand there and start swinging those arms around like a drowning man, take some time to learn and understand the basic principals of boxing training and safety first. Not only will they make you a much better fighter, they will also help prevent you getting injured.

What kind of stance will you use?

All boxers adopt a certain style of fighting – What style will yours be?

Yeah you will no doubt try and KO that heavy bag, but no one has ever managed to do that before and you won’t either. The only thing you probably will manage to do by trying it is to injure yourself, coz you sure won’t injure that bag. Then that’s the training over until you recover again. Assuming that the injury hasn’t put you off the sport.┬áIf you’re looking for more tips, Kickboxing sydney has it for you.

So – What punches will you throw at that bag?

Will you remember to add those “combinations” too?

Hopefully you won’t just stand still in front of that new bag swinging punches. Use that bag to practice your footwork too. Move around it and throw those punches from different angles. Assuming that you know how to move your feet properly?

Do your hands hurt yet?

If they do, maybe you’ll remember to use hand-wraps before you pull on those new boxing gloves next time? There are certain ways to do that as well, or you might just be doing yourself more harm than good.

Then there’s the gloves – What kind of gloves did you buy to hammer that heavy bag? Are they the proper ones for bag work?

Does the rest of your body hurt too?

Maybe that happened because you didn’t warm up properly before starting the training session. But how do you actually warm up properly? Plus, did you remember to cool down again afterwards?

Now all those things above are just a tiny example of what can go wrong if you decide to train at home without seeking out the proper advice first. Obviously the best way to learn is to seek out a local boxing gym and find yourself a decent boxing trainer. Maybe there isn’t one nearby you though – They charge for their services and maybe you can’t afford that? – Or maybe you just want to train at home first to find out if boxing is the right sport for you personally, before you start taking things to another level?

To ease those problems and many more, I’ve put together a set of 12 Free Boxing Lessons which you are welcome to use. They won’t turn you into a world champion overnight, but they cover the basics and MUCH more, so they will get you off to a real good start.