PPC Management – The Power of Split Testing

Split Testing can be one of your most powerful tools in PPC management. Why? Split-testing is one of “the main tools” for decreasing your click costs in Google AdWords. What does Split Testing do? Simply put split testing does two key things. 1) It kills and deletes underperforming ads in your AdWords campaigns. 2) It continually compares all of the results of your ads performance to find the best possible ad to display for each keyword.

Split Testing is extremely powerful in ppc management because it literally makes your AdWords campaigns get better and better each day. It consistently tests your ads against each other to find which ad will out perform the other and which ad will entice the most clicks.You may find more details about this at top ppc management company.

It’s a great feeling to know that each day your Google ads are getting better and better and that all of the sorry, underperforming ads that are sucking money out of your wallet are getting deleted. You may ask, “Well how can sorry, underperforming ads be sucking money out of my wallet? They’re not getting many clicks.”

Trust me, your sorry, underperforming ads can be very expensive even though they’re barely getting any clicks. Why? Simply because Google has a way of rewarding good ads with lower click costs and punishing bad ads with high click costs. Just one or two clicks on your sorry, underperforming ads each day can be quite expensive. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to delete your sorry, underperforming ads and replace them with super performing, click enticing ads? Not only will you get more clicks but you’ll also be saving more money!

Split testing is extremely important in the ppc management game. Who doesn’t want to decrease wasteful spending in AdWords and get even more clicks. Split testing is a key ingredient to succeeding in the AdWords management game but the funny thing is, most people don’t even know what split testing is!

Simply because most advertisers don’t know what split testing is and the few that do know what it is aren’t doing it makes split testing ads an extremely effective tool. It’s an excellent way to spend less and get higher ad placements than you competitors. That’s right; Google rewards ads that have good performance with higher ad position at lower click costs! Who doesn’t want that?

Sadly, we’re seeing that most ppc management companies are not telling their clients about the power of split testing. There could be several reason why. First of all it can be a lot of work to manage split testing for multiple clients. Secondly, since most ppc management companies charge clients on a percentage of their AdWords spending they have little incentive to reduce the amount their clients are spending in AdWords.