Web app design: Creating Simple Websites For a Positive User Experience

These days when building websites it is rather simple to find yourself inundated with graphics, colors, and complex navigation menus. Unfortunately as cool as some of these widgets and graphics sound or look, they can quickly detract from a positive user experience, and thus stop people from coming back to view your information or purchase your companies products. When you sit down to design a website, whether it be for personal or professional use be sure to consider the following:

Simple Navigation
Although you as a computer an internet user are used to browsing websites every day, you should assume that your website will be the first your customer every views. With that in mind, you want to make sure that finding the way from point A to point B on your website is as simple as possible. Do this by reducing the number of links on your site, and ensure they go to exactly where you say they go. visit hereĀ web app design

Use Less Graphics
Some graphics are necessary to a website, such as a logo or a header, but beyond that they can becoming excessive and annoying. You should also consider the fact that to many graphics will slow down your website, which will cause users with short attention spans to leave prematurely.

Easy Contact
This goes hand in hand with simple navigation, in that you should not assume that everyone is comfortable using e-mail. Combat this by setting up a contact form on your page where all your user has to do is enter their name and a message which you will then use to contact them. It may be a bit more tedious to you, but I can assure you that your customers will be happy with it.

Following these three steps will not get you everywhere that you need to be with your website, but they certainly should help in creating a solid web page for yourself or business.