Wedding Myrtle Beach Favours

Countless brides-to-be dream of a beach wedding in paradise with sand, blue waters and a breathtaking sunset as a backdrop. Lucky brides having a beach wedding want to give guests memories of sand, surf and a sunset and beach themed wedding favors are the perfect reminder. Destination weddings deserve wedding favors that will bring back guests to your special wedding day the vivid memories of your wedding at the Wedding Myrtle Beach and their unforgettable experiences there.

Personalized Picture Frame FavorsWhat better way to remind your guests of their beach experience than a beach-theme picture frame? Whether it is seashells, beach balls, or coconuts these perfect beach theme wedding favors combine the typical symbols of a beach with any picture of their choice. Undoubtedly they are going to snap many pictures at your wedding that will remind them of the wonderful time amongst family and friends. Why not help them have that “1000-word” wedding reminder displayed in a personalized beach themed picture frame they will see every day?

Seashells, Palm Trees or Sand and Sun?

What symbols would remind you of your dream beach wedding? You could likely name at least 20 off the top of your head. Palm trees, sea shells, sand, sun, waves, flip flops, dolphins, beach balls – you get the point. There are so many different symbols or images one can use when selecting a beach wedding favor that it is almost overwhelming.

One favor-ite is seashell favors. Using a seashell as a theme in your wedding favors not only presents you with something that will instantly remind your guests of the beach and your wedding but also gives them something elegant and crafty enough to display in their home or office. Coasters, place card holders, bottle openers, or photo albums would all be enhanced by a beautiful assortment of seashells adorning them. These beach wedding favors easily bring some free-loving beach lifestyle into your guests homes.

Candle Favors

It’s well known that great scent can be powerful and evoke memories of past events. Most of us have caught a scent of something that has made us instantly reminisce of days gone by, possibly the smell of flowers from a walk with a loved one? Candles as beach wedding favors are the perfect combination of a beach theme (for example, a coconut, beach pail or beach chair as the actual candle holder) and the very poignant smells of a beach setting. The smell of the seaside or the breeze coming off the ocean from a beach wedding favor candle will surely transport your attendants back to your wonderful wedding.